Joe is an incredibly gifted person, and I am so grateful he chooses to lead a life path that shares his gifts. His ability to connect and uplift those around him is truly magical.  I felt an instant bond from the moment I met him. Joe asks me questions that stir up deeper thought—this enables me to see clearly and make decisions from a place of confidence and power. I always know I will get advice that’s rooted in love and the genuine want for me to succeed. He sees the bigger picture while holding the space for my perspective and experience.

When I got engaged to my fiance John asking Joe to be our officiant was top on our list. I couldn’t think of anyone who exuded a more loving and light energy than Joe. I will say with certainty that this has been the best decision we’ve made as a couple. Joe makes the time to meet with us monthly to discuss marriage and what it means to truly invest in one another. He takes his role seriously and is determined to help us build a marriage that lasts a lifetime. Since we began these meetings only a few months ago, John and I have become better communicators, more loving, and closer than ever. Joe spends his time getting to know us as a couple and gives us little activities that have drastically improved our relationship.

What I love most about our time with Joe is that he speaks to us as individuals and is curious about our individual worlds. From that knowledge he builds us up as a couple. I’ve learned countless things from Joe over the years. If I could slim it down to one thing that resonates the most with me about Joe, it’s to invest in the people you love and do it with passion. I feel truly blessed to have him in my life.


When I started working with Joe, I was the heaviest I had ever been and incredibly uncomfortable with my body and, as I would later figure out, my spirit. Since working with Joe I’ve lost 27 lbs.

The first step Joe took in inspiring me to move toward my goal of getting healthier and losing weight was setting real attainable goals with deadlines and direction towards implementation. I used to approach getting healthier as this day where I would no longer eat unhealthy food and would become a lot more active, but my approach lacked direction and a plan. Joe and I not only set an ideal goal to hit by a point in time but also constructed a plan of action to change my habits.

A lot of people approach dieting and exercise as things they do to meet a goal and then stop. Joe taught me that in order to reach my goal and stay there I had to make lifestyle changes that would fit a healthier me. I kept a food and exercise log that I would share with Joe everyday. Joe would give me feedback on what foods really were not serving me and what I should add or take away from my exercise routine. The biggest obstacle in executing my plan was always me and Joe was the first one to call me out on my bullshit. No, there was no reason why I HAD to have those 4 cookies when one would have been enough. No, I didn’t have to make time for x, y and z in my day and leave out the gym. Joe knew what I wanted to achieve and what I needed to do to get there. When I doubted myself Joe was there to ask, how badly do you want it?


Having Joe’s coaching in my life has been transformative. I moved back to the tri-state area from the deep south for a few years, and it was a bit difficult adjusting to the fast paced daily grind. Joe’s consultations have helped me re-acquaint myself to the pace of life, the general issues plaguing men of this area. I have used his guidance on a daily basis, thinking back on “What would Joe do?” in a certain situation. I can say that I have learned to remain calm in situations of angst and anxiety.

His positive insights, continuous questioning of “why?” or “what can you do to change this?” have helped me realize there is a part of me that needs to rationalize things more clearly, and there is nothing “Wrong” being ME!

Joe has a straight to the point, no BS approach to his coaching. He talks one on one as an equal, without condensation. I find this approach very positive in my experience. You never feel like you are being talked down to, or judged.

The lesson from Joe that’s really resonated the most?: To be 100% ME! There is nothing wrong with who I am, there are just simple solutions and different approaches to handle life’s issues and difficulties.


Joe immediately impressed me as the ultimate professional – polished in every way, but with a sincerity and depth of character. He also made me feel like I could trust him with my innermost vulnerabilities while inspiring performance through personal example. You look at Joe and you just want to smile and stand up straighter. Joe sets the bar for a holistic, no-nonsense approach to balancing life and work by his own example. He’s caring, insightful, detail oriented, practical and invested in you and results that are tailored to you. I get excited telling him about my progress – meaning I care that he knows that he has inspired me to action. We have only been meeting for a few months but I feel like I’ve made great strides. I can’t say enough great things about Joe. If you’re ready to do the work you couldn’t ask for a better guiding light.


What makes Joe so special is that he sees life through so many lenses and incorporates tools from years of experience as a yoga/meditation teacher, business leader, health/wellness coach, and now as a life coach.  His holistic approach is both accessible and yet deeply profound.  But perhaps what makes Joe my favorite person to talk to is his sense of humor. You always feel like he’s in it with you. And yet his wisdom is beyond measure.  He holds you accountable and he wants to see you win.

My partner and I had always struggled to see eye-to-eye with money.  It seemed like everything else was easy and open, but we had a block when it came to finances which left both of us feeling unheard and unsupported.  With our upcoming wedding I knew this was a topic we had to address.  I entered the conversation with Joe with such a personal narrative in my head on how the conversation would go based on past experiences and I was living in fear that this would be something we’d struggle with for our entire life as a married couple.

Before talking to Joe, I was ready to accept the fact that this would always be an area in our relationship where we would struggle and I was prepared to feel grateful that at least we had open communication in all the other areas of our relationship.  Well I’m glad I didn’t settle. After just an hour of talking to Joe I felt clear, set up and ready to have a bigger conversation.  More importantly there was a huge shift in my perspective that created an outcome better than I could have imagined.  His coaching around seeking to understand rather than be right, in knowing where your partner is coming from and really being in their shoes, as well as tools in timing and language, gave me access to a place in our relationship where we had never been and that place was filled with endless possibility.

I remember walking into the conversation with my partner still a bit nervous, and yet I followed the conversation framework and implemented all the tools and stayed committed to the process.  What happened next what shocking.  The same conversation we’d had hundreds of times took a turn.  It shifted.  We were now having a new conversation. One where we started to see things we hadn’t seen before. One where we truly got each other as human beings.  We had always been respectful and loving, but now we were understanding each other’s journeys and lifelong relationships to money influenced by childhood and past experience. Having access to that empathy allowed us to see past our own beliefs and relate to one another with compassion and partnership.


Being coached by Joe is like being coached by your best friend, Oprah, and a wise old monk all in one. His kind, caring, and goal-oriented approach made me feel heard, understood and guided. I felt safe enough to say anything yet motivated to improve myself and the situation — all with plenty of laughs along the way.


Joe helped me navigate a difficult life situation with professionalism, empathy, and the utmostcare and concern for all parties involved. He was able to hear my concerns and ask relevant questions in order to assess the situation and guide me in understanding objectively what was going on. He helped me gain perspective on an emotional problem so that I could assess, prepare, and handle it in a calm and respectful way. I benefitted greatly from his kind, firm, and caring coaching. He made himself available to me when I needed, and truly seemed to care about me and everyone involved. I feel truly blessed to have Joe in my life during that time.


Joe helped me greatly, mainly by helping me get past a major impasse in my life revolving around a career change, revolving around getting back to work after many years as a stay at home mom.  I think Joe has a gift; he makes a client feel safe, essential for those in a struggle, impasse or crisis. He establishes trust very quickly and then listens.  Joe is an active listener–listening to manifest and latent content all the while keeping the client focused and on track. With that comes self realization and accountability. Joe will not let you board the plane with garbage in your carry on.

Lastly, Joe is kind, genuine, and authentic—this gives him the ability to push when he needs to, and just sit with feelings when it’s warranted.  He has the intuition needed for counseling, but the soaring energy to help a client make things happen.  He’s both mentor and brother, mind and heart.  Joe helped me sort out my conflicting feelings, and helped me clear enough brush to move forward. I have a lot of work ahead, but I feel like Joe got me back on track so I can take action and realize my future.