Interview with Bobbi Brown

VIDEO: Sit down with Bobbi Brown

Earlier in February, I sat down with Bobbi Brown, Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, to discuss what I do and to share stories.

Here is the video:

fear of failing

A Fear of Failing

How often have you avoided doing something because you were afraid to fail? For many of us, failure is like a trusted friend- our sidekick that often leaves us scared to death and paralyzed with fear and anxiety. In many cases our minds have been conditioned to fear failure which results in taking less risk in our lives. We actually may be missing out on some amazing opportunities because of panic and doubt.

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noise in your head

The Noise Inside Your Head

Recently, I read that we as human beings have 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day. Broken down that is approximately 1 every 1.2 seconds. That’s a lot of thinking. And I would venture to guess that many of those thoughts are like a recording that plays over and over in our head from day to day, maybe even throughout our life. We get stuck in our thoughts and our stories like we get stuck in a traffic jam and can’t find a detour.

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Touching a horse Calm Down

Need a New Perspective on Life? Go Touch a Horse

We spent this past New Year’s in Canada celebrating with family, which involved spending time each day at the equine center where our niece was attending a horse camp for the week. I like horses—from a distance. They are large, have big teeth and quite honestly, they scare me. On previous visits we would go to stables to watch my niece take her riding lesson. I was the guy who would observe the horses from far away. My niece rides a large thoroughbred named Ace. On several occasions she would ask me to pet Ace. But every time I tried he would move quickly and I simply decided it was too stressful. I appreciate the beauty of a horse and I was okay with being an observer instead of a participant.

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